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Mindfulness & Movement to Ground You

The Festive Season can be a lot of fun but it can also be pretty hectic. Social events, less sleep, different food and drink to our usual choices and we can feel a little off balance physically and mentally. Spending time with our loved ones can be a gift but …


P2 DETOX – September’s product of the month

Coming into Spring is a great time to help nourish and clear out our body from the previous cooler months. Throughout the cold weather, we can very easily reach for too much comfort food so now is a great time to give our body a bit of a re-boot. P2 …


DETOXING: is it a necessity or just a nice idea?

I am often asked by clients if there really is a need for us to detox on a regular basis. I always answer this question with a big resounding yes! Naturopathic concepts of internal cleansing have been around for a long time and concepts of cleaning and detoxification have formed …


Happy You, Happy Bowels, ISB WHO?

The constant bloating feelings after meals, the pain in your stomach along with diarrhoea and/or constipation are all common symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. People with IBS carry their stress in their digestive system. Stress can cause people with IBS to experience constipation and difficulty moving their bowels or the …



On my never ending quest to love chia I stumbled across this little creation. Let me digress a little here … Remember when you were a kid and, most likely, you didn’t love your vegetables. Chances are your mum came up with the ingenious idea of using tomato sauce as …


ways to naturally ease pms

Acupuncture is hugely diverse and ranges greatly in its ability to heal and ease symptoms of almost any kind. I have spent most of my clinical experience helping women with menstrual or hormonal imbalances, either with the view of assisting them in falling pregnant, ease bad moods or just overall …