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DETOXING: is it a necessity or just a nice idea?

I am often asked by clients if there really is a need for us to detox on a regular basis. I always answer this question with a big resounding yes! Naturopathic concepts of internal cleansing have been around for a long time and concepts of cleaning and detoxification have formed …


Niggles? power through or power down?

Aches and pains are part of nearly any exercise routine. A few mild transient aches – or “niggles” – are to be expected, but how do you decide when that niggle is worth paying more attention to? Enter, our five point guide to sussing out your aches and pains.   …


A Song of Fire and Ice (The Therapeutic Version)

Fire – or more accurately heat – and ice therapy are two of the most efficient, economical and easy ways to treat an injury and speed up healing at home. But when to heat and when to cool? As no two bodies or injuries are the same, we offer the …