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Our Top Tips to Beat Constipation

We talk about poop with every patient. The frequency, colour, consistency etc of your poo can actually tell us a lot about what is going on in your body. Something we encounter often in clinic is constipation, particularly in the Winter months. Constipation can be a relative term. For some, …


Our 3 tips on how to “Let Go” to lighten up

Humans love to hold on to things – memories, material possessions, ideas, emotions, we are all collectors. But there is a time where the seasons offer us the opportunity to reexamine the things, people, feelings and thoughts that we hold onto so that we can make an empowered decision whether …



Meta Zinc Vitamin C powder! If you find yourself sick quite often or feel like your colds/flus linger for months, this might be the product for you! Vitamin C, D and Zinc both play very important roles in the immune response. Vitamin C contains Ascorbic Acid, which is shown to …


Insomnia? Let acupuncture help you get a good nights sleep!

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you commonly wake up during the night? Do you wake up in the morning feeling unrefreshed? Acupuncture may be worth trying if you are suffering from any of the above. I know you may not think that going somewhere to get needles put …


DETOXING: is it a necessity or just a nice idea?

I am often asked by clients if there really is a need for us to detox on a regular basis. I always answer this question with a big resounding yes! Naturopathic concepts of internal cleansing have been around for a long time and concepts of cleaning and detoxification have formed …