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ways to naturally ease pms

ways to naturally ease pms

Acupuncture is hugely diverse and ranges greatly in its ability to heal and ease symptoms of almost any kind. I have spent most of my clinical experience helping women with menstrual or hormonal imbalances, either with the view of assisting them in falling pregnant, ease bad moods or just overall wellbeing.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a major disharmony in which we can treat with acupuncture. No, it’s not just something you have to put up with and lock yourself away in a padded and sound proofed room.

We have to admit; most of us get a little cranky and crazy when that time of the month rolls around. We blame it on others for being annoying and getting under our skin, we blame it on the moon, or we blame it on something bad we ate the night before. In actual fact it’s something nearly all of us face to different degrees. It’s usually a slight imbalance of our hormones, and due to the stressors in our environment, both physical and mental.

In Chinese Medicine we look at PMS as the energy not flowing in balance and harmony, and allowing the body to work smoothly. This causes symptoms of irritability, emotional sensitivity, pain and discomfort prior and during the period, sore breasts, headaches and even restless sleep among many other symptoms. When we have been under a lot of stress or been neglecting our bodies and health or just pushing ourselves too hard, we find these symptoms crop up from time to time and its very unpleasant.

Some things we can do to help ease the symptoms can be really simple:

Using a heat pack or hot water bottle to help ease cramps or discomfort
Keeping our bodies moving with gentle exercise such as walks or yoga, which will assist the body in being more balanced
Herbal teas such as ginger, chamomile or rose petal tea can be great for warming or calming the body, and reducing unsettled emotions or discomfort associated with PMS
A good magnesium supplement can aid in soothing the muscles and reduce cramping
Relaxing and having a nice warm footbath can help to relieve a headache or assist with relaxing the body and ensuring a more solid, sound sleep
Also eating foods such as pineapple and sweet potato can help to assist the body to produce the right amount of hormones (particularly progesterone) and balance mood and the cycle
Being aware of our diet and reducing foods high in sugars which can cause a sugar spike in our blood and unbalance the hormone levels
And of course – Acupuncture! Ideally, weekly acupuncture sessions will give the best treatment outcome, but even coming in the week before your period is due is great!

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