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P2 DETOX – September’s product of the month

P2 DETOX – September’s product of the month

Coming into Spring is a great time to help nourish and clear out our body from the previous cooler months. Throughout the cold weather, we can very easily reach for too much comfort food so now is a great time to give our body a bit of a re-boot.

P2 Detox will help kickstart your body’s metabolism and detoxification processes. This product may support Phase II detoxification of the liver and increase antioxidant activity with ingredients like broccoli sprouts and tumeric.
You will feel clearer, more balanced and have a big spring in your step to take you into the warmer weather!

This a very high quality product and part of our ‘practitioner only’ range, so a consult with one of our practitioners is required to see if it is suitable for you, and to guide you on your way to a fabulous, much needed Spring detox.


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