Our amazing Energy Therapist Stephanie works with many people on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

She is renowned for her intuitive senses, utilising them throughout her sessions. Combing a number of modalities, including Kinesiology, Reiki, Liquid Crystals, Meditation/Visualisation techniques, Akashic Records and more.

Stephanie connects with her clients on a personal level to assist them with pushing through their boundaries and clearing any stagnant energy blocks. Stephanie works with people from all walks of life, with everyday restraints to extreme disconnection, empowering them to move forward with courage and confidence, whatever the situation may be.


Mediums are known to be the ‘middle’ person, receiving messages from the spirit world and passing them on. During the session, Stephanie Will connect you with your loved ones who have passed, bringing messages of love, peace, guidance and reassurance that those whom we have lost are forever by our side. Passed loved ones can also provide guidance regarding situations or certain aspects of your life.​