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Food can be a great source of joy and nourishment when you have the right tools and support. When you can balance and combine scientific knowledge, common sense and intuition, true wellness will prevail.

Nutritional medicine incorporates four main types of services:

  • Nutrition Planning and Education
  • Testing
  • Targeted supplementation
  • Personal care

Depending upon your needs, circumstances and goals, our nutritionist Emma will recommend the combination of services that is right for you. Read below as Emma takes you through the full description of her services.

Nutrition Planning + Education

Nutrition Planning:
Don’t worry – there are no complicated, boring or restrictive diets here! Instead, I will empower you to embrace a way of eating that is simple, delicious, joyful and nourishing.
Your dietary guidelines will be designed to suit your individual nutritional needs, your personal preferences and the demands of your lifestyle – and most importantly, they will move you towards your health goals.

Food As Medicine:
The food that we eat can be our greatest source of health and wellness. When we are educated and empowered to nourish ourselves in the way that our bodies need, we can cultivate lasting health, and feel energized, strong, vital and radiant from the inside out.

Nutritional Education:
Everybody has an opinion about the ‘right’ way to eat – and it seems to change every five minutes. Should you be eating sugar free, paleo, raw or vegan? Is soy beneficial or harmful? What about gluten?  Or plain old carbs for that matter – are they still taboo?
The reality is that there is no one way of eating which will suit each and every one of us.
I will help you cut through the contradictory and confusing nutritional information that we are bombarded with, and give you a solid understanding of what your unique system requires to thrive.


Body Composition:
BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) is the gold standard in body composition testing, and takes the guesswork out of weight management and muscle gain.
BIA is a simple, non-invasive test, which, when administered by a trained health professional, provides accurate insight into crucial aspects of your health including fat and muscle percentage, cellular health and hydration levels.

Pathology Testing
Professional testing is the scientific piece of the puzzle – where we dig deeper to diagnose underlying causes of disease and imbalance, and identify what your body needs in order to return to proper function and lasting health.
Functional pathology testing shows me how well your body is working, and can identify the underlying causes of chronic health concerns including disease, weight gain, mood changes, digestive upset and fatigue.

Testing provides us with an insight into the health of your:

  • hormonal balance
  • digestive system
  • metabolism
  • detoxification mechanisms
  • thyroid function
  • liver function
  • cortisol levels
  • amongst many other markers.

Types of testing can include saliva, urine, stool or blood samples, and are analysed in a professional pathology laboratory.
Targeted supplementation delivers the tailored nutrition that your system needs – moving you towards achieving your health goals sooner.

Targeted Supplementation

Supplement Evaluation:
Are you taking the best quality supplement? Are you taking too much or too little? Are you absorbing the nutrients from the supplement at all? Are you taking a supplement that works well for somebody else, hoping for the same result?
So often people take supplements that are not suited to their needs, and that are sub-therapeutic or poor quality. Supplement evaluation is essential to ensure you are not wasting your money or risking your health.

Supplement Prescription:
I prescribe therapeutic supplements specifically designed for your individual biochemistry and nutritional needs, and based on a full understanding of your current and previous medical history, and your life circumstances.
The prescription of practitioner only supplements targeted to address your unique needs enables me to deliver the specific nutrition that your system requires, support your body to achieve optimal health, and assist you to live a life of energy and vitality.

The key to my successful outcomes with clients is the time that I take to understand their unique needs, circumstances, fears, goals and challenges. I will work alongside you, and provide the guidance and support that you need to create lasting change to your health and lifestyle.

Personal Care

When you are in my care you will feel completely heard, understood and supported. I am here to work closely with you throughout your health journey, to support you as you implement change, and assist you to navigate any challenges that arise.
You can rely on my genuine, compassionate and unwavering support at every step of the way.

It’s incredibly difficult to achieve lasting change all by ourselves, relying on sheer motivation, willpower and the gritting of teeth. Often our best intentions are sabotaged by recurring behavioural patterns, lack of planning and misguided strategies.
There’s no need to do it the hard way.
I’ll keep you focused and inspired to keep creating positive changes on the days when your commitment to yourself is wavering.

Sometimes we all need someone to hold us accountable to our highest wishes for ourselves, and keep us on track when our dedication flags. And if you need a little tough love – and a firm reminder about why you have decided to move towards your most healthful, joyful, radiant life – that can be arranged too!