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Beautiful treatments that you are bound to love. Treat yourself or buy for a loved one.


90 minutes of pure Zen time. This treatment focuses on decreasing stress hormones and promoting a deep state of relaxation through massage, gentle acupuncture and auricular acupuncture, and includes a take-home ‘Keep Calm and Cool Down’ tincture.

As with all our treatments, this is tailored to the individual. Clients can expect:

Relaxation massage – beautiful long and relaxing strokes using cold pressed almond oil to relieve the mind and body of stress

Acupuncture – points are selected specifically for the client and will include acupuncture points demonstrated to balance stress hormones, You are then left to relax with noise-canceling headphones playing relaxation music so you feel like you are in your own cocoon

Cupping – light to medium strength to relax the muscles and underlying tissues

Acupuncture ear-seeds – between one and three auricular points found by Yale researchers to decrease anxiety. Ear seeds stay on the ear for up to five days

Essential Oils – hand-picked essential oils for your current mood massaged on to the pulse points to reset the body

Take Home Relaxation Tincture – Shift Natural Medicine’s Keep Calm and Cool Down tincture to support the treatment and help regulate on going stress