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Pure Natal, MyGen Men, Co10 – August’s product of the month

Pure Natal, MyGen Men, Co10 – August’s product of the month

Good quality, practitioner only supplements to support your body through your fertility journey are very important…
Pure Natal (for Women), My-Gen (for Men) and CoQ10 are 3 of our top picks to support both partners throughout pre-conception….

These products help support overall health by giving the body important vitamins and minerals specifically formulated for both the female and male body.


This is an amazing Pregnancy multivitamin that can be used throughout the whole of fertility and pregnancy journey, and includes Folic acid, iron, B vitamins and magnesium which are all very important for a healthy and safe pregnancy- supporting the development of a growing baby as well as replenishing the beautiful Mumma.


Is a great product that men can easily take during the pre-conception period of your journey. This product is specifically made for men and helps with sperm maturation, testosterone production, reduces stress and supports energy production. This product is full of B-vitamins, zinc and magnesium to support the whole body during this time.


This is super powerful antioxidant that has amazing benefits. Co-Enzyme Q10 is important to every single cell in the human body, which helps clear up free radicals (the bad cells floating around our body), helps support mitochondrial function, and maintains overall wellbeing. This product has been shown to help with egg and sperm quality because of its powerful benefits for cellular production. So this product is a must for both women and men!


Contact us to see if these are right for you and your journey!


*These products, along with any other supplement, should only be taken if they have been prescribed to you by a qualified healthcare professional.