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a letter to all the amazing women on their fertility journey

a letter to all the amazing women on their fertility journey

To the women out there on the fertility journey,

For years we have messed around with our cycles, not wanting to conceive: taking or administering different forms of contraception, skipping our menstruation, the morning after pill, bad diets, and having way too much fun drinking and carrying on earlier on in our lives, working or exercising our bodies to the extreme. Not really paying attention along the way or actually knowing how a regular healthy menstrual cycle should be.


Then when we meet the right partner, the dream is the family you two want to create together. And we expect our body to respond and do what it was meant to do. For some women the journey is easy, they fall pregnant straight away, sometimes without even really trying. For others the journey is longer, so frustrating, emotional and hard, they may even need to seek alternative methods to stimulate and help the body to conceive. In the end all that matters is to not lose hope, keep focusing and believing on your dream, it will happen.


Knowing your cycle is the key, how it should be, the flow, pinpointing your fertility window, every woman is different. I encourage and give my patients and their partners the tests they should have prior to starting to try for a family; to save a lot of frustration, stress and heart ache. If there is something that could be picked up from the start, and treated, instead of waiting 6 months to a year later, wouldn’t you want to know?


There are 4 stages in a woman’s cycle, to have weekly treatments of acupuncture to correct and balance at each stage of the cycle is so important, this will increase the chances of conception. Acupuncture will improve sperm and egg quality; it will help thicken the endometrial lining to help secure implantation and assist and increase the chances of pregnancy with IVF and assisted reproduction. A healthy lifestyle for your partner and you, clean diets, lots of water, at least 7 to 8 hours sleep a night and taking the right herbs and supplements will help strengthen and support your body. Decreasing stress is essential, yoga, Pilates, walking and meditation. Treat your body like it is already pregnant.


For most of you, besides your partner I might be the only other person that knows you two are trying or that you’re getting your body ready to begin the journey. I will offer all the knowledge, love and support I can through this time, I want your dreams to come true too 🙂


With gratitude,
Chantel Spiteri (Acupuncturist)