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Almost EVERYONE has been sick this winter, and we’re not even half way! With the over-stimulated and busy lives we all seem to lead, and countless bugs around, you need to supercharge your immune system and build up energy to prevent getting run down and ward off nasty colds and flus. And we have just the thing…..

Our Immune Boosting Treatment: 75 minutes of pampering to boost your immunity, calm and restore energy to your body, clear the sinuses and shake any lingering cold and flu symptoms.

This treatment includes:

Acupuncture – specific points are used that may increase white blood cell count to supercharge your immunity, to nourish and build your energy, and points to reduce stress hormones to take the pressure off your immune system. Facial acupuncture around the sinuses will be used if you currently have any congestion, to reduce inflammation and clear phlegm

Cupping – relaxing cups placed all the way from the top of the neck down to the lower back. The suction pressure of the cups help pull up any pathogens lying deep in the muscles, stimulate the lymphatic system to detox the body, and bring up phlegm so it can be expelled. Cupping also relaxes the nervous system to leave your mind and body feeling calm

Facial Massage – rosehip oil and specific essential oils to clear your head, nose and chest are massaged through the head, face and down the neck to drain the sinuses and revitalize the head – and will also leave your skin glowing (bonus!)

Infrared heat lamp – our heat lamp warms you up from the inside out, it will be placed over your belly to warm you up and strengthen digestion (which is where the majority of our immune system lives). You’ll almost feel the same as lying on a beach in the Bahamas J

Take home herbal tincture – you will be sent home with our Chinese herbal tincture ‘The Flu Shot’ which can be taken as a preventative (at the very first inkling of a cold/flu coming on) or as a medicine when you have a cold/flu. Chinese herbs in this formula are traditionally indicated to reduce the severity and duration of a cold, and contain antibacterial and anti-viral herbs.


Treatment price: $130*


Call us on 9530 5536 or email info@shiftnaturalmedicine.com to book this great treatment for yourself (or for someone you know who keeps getting sick!).

*(Claimable on Private Health Insurance under Acupuncture).