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5 tips to stay strong for the winter

5 tips to stay strong for the winter

Our acupuncturists Chantel shares her top 5 quick tips for staying strong, healthy and warm this cold Melbourne Winter!



#1 In winter, meals should be nutritious and warming, lots of stews and soups

# 2 A small amount of spirits or wine is good to warm the system up, warming in nature; which will help promote circulation and keep you warm

# 3 Stay warm, rug up, especially your neck and lower back, so you don’t get a chill

# 4 Up the vitamins and immunity tonics, be kind to your body, don’t over do it

# 5 Rest when you can; stay in and relax; light a fire, crank up the heating and settle in, it’s going to be a cold one


With gratitude,
Chantel (Acupuncturist)