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At shift we don’t believe that one size fits all. We work with you – your likes, dislikes and lifestyle, to find your most nourishing diet, to have you feeling calm and confident about what you are eating.

There is an abundance of information on Nutrition. It seems everywhere we turn we are bombarded with information about what to eat and what not to eat. The problem is so much of it is conflicting. Science just can’t seem to agree on what is the ‘best’ diet for humans, but what science is starting to understand is that each human being actually has unique nutritional requirements and thus will have a unique ‘ideal diet’.

We focus on Food as Medicine and key nutritional supplementation in our consultations to assist our clients in thriving. We are skilled in identifying nutritional deficiencies and where applicable we are also able to refer for key tests, which may identify sub optimal nutrient levels and how they may be implicated in a range health conditions. Our nutritionists and naturopaths are available to offer effective dietary advice as well as meal plans and lifestyle advice to maximise optimal nutrition for our clients.

Chinese Medicine Food Therapy

Traditional Chinese Medicine view food and fluids as a vital component to health, and responsible for the production of energy, which we call ‘Qi.’
We look at food in terms of its energetic and therapeutic value and function in the body. Foods can be warm (yang) or cold (yin) not only in temperature but also in nature, they can also be hot, spicy, damp and greasy, which may affect our digestive system.
Chinese medicine practitioners are advocates for more warm, cooked foods that are nourishing and easy on our digestive systems versus too much cold and raw food.
However, we also believe in eating according to the seasons (Summer – eat more fresh, raw, cooling fruits and salads, and Winter – eat more warm, cooked soups and stews) and eating foods that are in season and locally grown and produced.
How we use food as medicine takes into consideration the patient’s constitution and as always, nutritional advice is specific to each individual, their current health ailments and the current season, weather patterns, and environment they are in.