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SHIFT stock a range of practitioner only brands of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements, including;

  • Metagenics
  • Medi Herb
  • Eagle
  • Bioceuticals
  • Biomedica
  • Orthplex
  • Heel
  • Chinese Herbs (raw powder)

We chose to use and prescribe practitioner only brands as they have in depth scientific and clinical research, are of the highest quality ingredients and raw materials, and their manufacturing standards exceed industry benchmarks, with great consistency and quality testing.
We also have a full naturopathic liquid herbal and raw powder Chinese herbal dispensary, where we mix up formulas specifically for you.

To compliment our nutritional supplements, we have range of beauty, baby, protein powders (including Barebelnds), wheat bags, crystals and other health products including products from Antipodes, Sanctum, Bareblends, SOS Rehydrate, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Wot Not, Eco Baby, Pukka Tea, and more.

If there is a product you are searching for, and we don’t have it in stock, we are always happy to try and get it in for you.

our very own tincture range

Carefully formulated and hand crafted by us, our liquid Chinese herbal tincture range is effective, easy to take and has no nasty side affects.

Mr Sandman: for difficulty sleeping and an overactive mind.
Ideal for the person who has trouble falling or staying asleep due to an overactive mind, also good for poor memory and / or concentration. This formula is not a sedative, but helps to calm, so useful for anxiety.

Ninja Like Focus: for difficulty concentrating, fatigue and lethargy.
Ideal for the person who wakes up tired despite getting adequate sleep, and for poor memory and / or concentration during the day. A one-week course of Ninja Like Focus is also perfect for those who have poor digestive function.

Keep Calm + Cool Down: for feeling of frustration, anxiety and stress, heat and hot flushes
Idea for

Pipe Cleaner: to relieve constipation and support bowel health
Ideal for

The Flu Shot: for prevention and symptomatic relief of the common cold
Ideal for

Tame The Beast: for signs and symptoms of PMS
Ideal for

A Healthier Youterus: for painful periods and fertility support
Ideal for

Lighten Up: for weight management, fluid retention, and to support metabolism
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