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Traditional Chinese Medicine has been in continuous use for thousands of years. Within this paradigm, health is considered to be an extension of inner homeostasis or balance. Chinese Herbal Medicine is an amazing treatment tool to achieve and maintain this balance.

Diagnosis and treatment is always based on the individual – two patients may have the same complaint, but will be treated in different ways depending on their presentation. While symptoms are treated to make life nicer in the short term, the underlying cause is always addressed as long term health is the ultimate goal.
Chinese herbal medicine supports health through balancing internal disharmonies and encouraging the body to heal itself. As herbs are used in their natural form, they are gentle without harsh side effects which often accompany manufactured drugs.
Herbal formulas are tailored specifically to the individual considering current symptoms, presentation and needs. Each formula is precisely balanced, taking into account the therapeutic action of each herb and the effects together.

Shift Natural Medicine has a dispensary of approximately 120 FDA approved herbs, patent pill formulas, supplied by a reputable Melbourne based company, and their very own herbal tincture range.
In the majority of cases, Chinese Herbal Medicine works safely and effectively alongside Western Medical pharmaceuticals.




Carefully formulated and hand crafted by us, our liquid Chinese herbal tincture range is effective, easy to take and has no nasty side affects.

Mr Sandman: for difficulty sleeping and an overactive mind.
Ideal for the person who has trouble falling or staying asleep due to an overactive mind, also good for poor memory and / or concentration. This formula is not a sedative, but helps to calm, so useful for anxiety.

Ninja Like Focus: for difficulty concentrating, fatigue and lethargy.
Ideal for the person who wakes up tired despite getting adequate sleep, and for poor memory and / or concentration during the day. A one-week course of Ninja Like Focus is also perfect for those who have poor digestive function.

Keep Calm + Cool Down: for feeling of frustration, anxiety and stress, heat and hot flushes
Idea for

Pipe Cleaner: to relieve constipation and support bowel health
Ideal for

The Flu Shot: for prevention and symptomatic relief of the common cold
Ideal for

Tame The Beast: for signs and symptoms of PMS
Ideal for

A Healthier Youterus: for painful periods and fertility support
Ideal for

Lighten Up: for weight management, fluid retention, and to support metabolism
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