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Naturopath Clare Roden

Clare Roden


BHSc (Naturopathy)

I provide realistic and achievable advice and solutions that are personalised to you. No crazy eating plans here!

Hi there, my name is Clare and I’m a qualified Naturopath and Reiki healer at Shift Natural Medicine. I’ve been lucky enough to have been practicing here for the last 5 years. It’s great to be apart of a team that share the same enthusiasm for health and wellbeing that I do.

My main goal as a Naturopath is to achieve optimal health and vitality for my clients by providing realistic and achievable advice and solutions that are personalised to them. No crazy eating plans here!

Women’s health issues are my jam and I have been successful in treating a variety of health conditions including premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. I also have a really soft spot and passion for treating mental health issues that these days are more prevalent then ever and heightened due to COVID-19. I believe that living with anxiety myself gives me another level of deeper understanding on how to treat it and its associated symptoms.

Your initial consultation with me will involve a comprehensive evaluation of your current symptoms and past health so I am able to provide the most effective treatment plan for you. Iridology and a zinc tally test is a part of my initial consultation as these are tools I use to get a better idea on your overall health and also I can provide referrals for further testing if required. I have a passion for herbal medicines and will use them as part of my treatment plan when required, along with nutritional medicine, food as medicine and lifestyle advice. Reiki is such a beautiful practice, providing a whole body, mind and soul experience. It’s all about healing and supporting your energy and resolving any blockages you may be experiencing that could hinder your health success and goals.A bit more about me: love a good latte (what self-respecting Melbournian doesn’t?), Pilates and F45er, barrack for the Richmond Tigers (it’s a family thing) and owner of the two cutest Chihuahuas ever, Pepe and Fernando!



Tuesday 3 – 8pm
Thursday 3 – 8pm
Friday 9 – 5pm
Alternating Saturdays 1 – 5pm