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We chat to the AMAZING Melbourne birth photographer Liane Bourke about this incredible passion of hers. Here is what she had to say…


When you invite me onto your birth team there are a few things that we can co-create together.



When you have me as a fly-on-the-wall in the background im able to take the pressure of your partner so that he/she can be all there, holding space for you instead of fumbling with their phone trying to capture the moment. Im often told by both parents that they forgot I was there, this is part of my magic. Being unseen while capturing moments for you to reflect on later. My work is very much about strong women and the people that support them. I’m able take  photos of the connection between you and your partner. A quiet whisper in your ear. Brushing hair off your face. Handing you a drink. All tiny moments that could easily be forgotten.



After your baby is born and you head home with this new addition to your family there is some chaos to be expected. When your photos arrive I invite you to take part in a little ritual. To make some tea or hot chocolate and to sit down, together, look at those photos and see the story of your baby’s arrival. There will likely be tears of love.



There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to birth and that can be a bit scary. Some women find it helpful to debrief. When you are ready and having some photos to assist you to reflect can be helpful. I can section out your birth story in a way that is comfortable for you.


Hold Space

When a mother whose birth I photographed pointed out that this is something I do well it took me a while to realise this is a special skill. This is what my work is really about and something that is incredibly important to me and the women I serve. To me, holding space means walking alongside someone wherever the journey takes them and allowing them to be seen.



Birth photos may not be the sort of thing you want printed on your walls in A3 but having heirloom quality prints that will last for generations to come is pretty special. Having a camera in your pocket can mean that we have tens of thousands of photographs that we rarely revisit which is why I encourage people to purchase prints. Together we can distill your story down to a short series of impactful images that you will want passed down to your great-grandchildren.   




If you’d like to hear more, pop on over to my website and if you feel called to, join the email list where you’ll get access to some intimate details along with being the first to know when I open my spring family photography sessions. (You want to be first to know because I’ve capped my family sessions at 10. That’s all for 2018 so once they’re gone you’ll have to wait till next year)

If you are currently pregnant and interested in Birth Photography now is the time to reach out, I currently have 4 birth spots remaining this year so send me a message and lets connect.


With gratitude,

Liane Bourke – birth photographer