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Boosting Lactation Naturally and Effectively

Boosting Lactation Naturally and Effectively

Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful, challenging and amazing parts of motherhood. Many women assume that because it is natural, it should come naturally, but this often isn’t the case. I remember the first few weeks after my own baby bear’s birth – there was painful nipples, engorged breasts, overwhelm, and frustration. After all that settled down and we got into a good rhythm, there was such beauty in the quiet moments spent with my cub, feeding her and connecting with her. It became something we both really enjoyed. There are many factors that can impact on lactation, such as the following helpful tips.

Keep Well Hydrated

This is a big one! Many Mumma Bears are dehydrated (both because they forget to drink and they are busy with their newborns) and this can have a big impact on your breast milk production. Remember, mammary glands (breasts), are modified sweat glands so hydration plays a key role when thinking about improving supply. If you don’t like water, increase intake of herbal teas (check with your Naturopath to see if they are safe for breastfeeding), soups, broths and try adding some lemon or fresh herbs to your drinking water. I make a beautiful hydrating lactation tea you can find here.

Avoid Substances That Reduce Breast Milk Production

These include (but are not limited to) caffeine, some herbal teas such as peppermint, spearmint and sage, alcohol, and smoking. Some medications can also negatively impact lactation so keep this in mind too.

Eat Lactation Friendly Foods

A diet rich in protein, healthy fats, iron, wholegrains and B vitamins is conducive to improving breast milk production (and it will boost Mumma Bears mood and energy levels too). Conversely, excessive weight loss or calorie restriction (especially those wanting to lose weight fast) can also reduce supply. My Mumma Bear lactation cookie mix is a delicious and effective way to boost lactation.

Make Sure You Have A Breastfeeding Cheer Squad

That’s right, having a close-knit social circle that is supportive of your willingness to breastfeed makes a big difference. This is an important one! I remember during the early days of sleep deprivation, tiredness, pain (as my breasts got used to breastfeeding) and overwhelm, that there were times when I really did think about giving up. Having my husbands support (seriously my own private lactation consultant who was always offering me encouragement and helping with attachment) really made the biggest difference and we got through the tough times!

Ask For Assistance

If you still feel like your breast milk production isn’t where it should be, investigate the services of a lactation consultant. Your baby may have an issue with tongue – tie or latching issues, which may impact on your baby’s ability to feed efficiently. Don’t try to work it all out on your own, there are so many opportunities for assistance. Contact the Australian Breastfeeding Association for support.

I love supporting Mummas during their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey with Naturopathy.


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