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Saline for Sinus

Saline for Sinus

As we move through autumn to winter, the deciduous trees start to lose their leaves and flowers fall to the ground…sinus sufferers may feel the affects.
Whether you have chronic or acute sinus or allergic rhinitis (hayfever) there is an easy solution I highly encourage…saline solution!
Now I’m not going to guarantee an epic cure but REGULAR (AKA daily for chronic sufferers or during acute conditions) nasal saline irrigation does work wonders!
I’ve had many a skeptic client question the effectiveness of something as simple as saltwater up the nose…but many happy patients after they’ve given this a proper go.

How does this help you ask?
– saline (saltwater) washes keep nasal passage open by moving through or washing out thick or dried mucous
– removes allergens such as pollen and prevents them lodging in nasal passages
– improves the function of cilia (tiny nasal hairs) which helps keep passages clear
– makes the nose feel more comfortable by keeping mucous membranes moist

Where do I get it?

Two options:

Saline nasal sprays and washes are found at the pharmacy. Note that whilst saline nasal sprays are also fantastic and convenient, I do still recommend doing the proper irrigation daily.
You can use a large syringe, nasal bulb or there are plenty of commercial nasal products such as Neti Pot.
The pharmacy will also have sachets of salt that you can add to your Neti Pot, or soft plastic bottle, instructions all included!

You will still need some sort of nasal irrigation apparatus bought from a pharmacy but the solution itself, you can make at home.

Simple recipe:
– 1 cup distilled water or sterilized water by boiling first then letting cool to lukewarm in a clean container
– Add 1/2 tsp salt (preferably iodine and preservative free)
– Add 1/2 tsp baking soda
You can of course double or triple quantities to make extra solution that may be stored at room temperature for approximately 3 days.

Depending on your piece of equipment… gently push solution e.g. using a large medical syringe or Neti Pot into right nostril while head is tilted to the left
solution will move gently through your sinuses and out the opposite nostril (sometimes the mouth)
Rotate your head and repeat the process for the left nostril
Gently blow nose after to avoid discomfort or water remaining in the sinuses
Tip: you may need to slightly adjust head position to the solution doesn’t run towards your ears or down your throat
Second tip: Water will come out the nose! So I recommend doing this over the sink or in the shower

Note: this will obviously not work if your nose is totally blocked. You may need to wait for this to pass before effective irrigation

How often?

For most effective results this should really be done daily, twice daily is even better! Especially for chronic sinus sufferers or during an acute episode or head cold.

With gratitude,

If you have any further questions about saline for sinus (or any other tips and treatments for sinus), please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic!