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Hormones + Acupuncture

Hormones + Acupuncture

Hormones are responsible for activating and turning on every process and system in our bodies, without them our bodies don’t get the signals they need to turn on and begin certain actions. Hormones are easily influenced and upset due to so many factors in and around our lives.

Stress – can be a major player in the way our hormones work and interact in the body. It can interfere with sleep, digestive and immune systems as well as our menstrual cycles.

Digestion – we see digestion as important in fixing hormone issues. Repairing the gut and ensuring it is assimilating the nutrients necessary for making new hormones.

Sleep – is essential for allowing the body to repair and rejuvenate, this is important for helping to decrease and calm inflammation in the body, regenerate new cells and make hormones.

Problems that can be due to hormonal imbalances include: skin issues, headaches, emotions and mood swings, energy levels, and menstrual problems such as: pain, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles. Chinese medicine works on balancing out the body in terms of energy (which we call Qi) and blood. When these two elements are balanced the body is able to work correctly and heal itself, therefore balancing out hormones, emotions, digestion and energy levels.

When we experience stress or illness the qi and blood become unbalanced and we experience blockages or deficiencies in blood and qi. This creates disharmonies in the body and illness or even just lack of energy, concentration, throwing hormones and other bodily systems out of balance.

Through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine we help to correct the imbalances that are caused due to daily life, stress and exposure to bugs and pollution. For example, we often see women in the clinic who have severe period pain due to stressors such as busy life schedule, not allowing themselves to rest, sense of urgency and due to diet. In Chinese medicine we see the temperature of food as really important. For example, cold and raw foods can contribute to a slow, sluggish digestive system and congestion build up.

By changing daily habits and incorporating a few easy activities on a regular basis we can help reduce the effects these stressors have on our bodies.

Eating warm cooked foods
Drinking water that is no colder than room temperature, the hotter the better
Using heat pack on our lower abdomen to help increase blood flow and circulation, regardless of where we are in our cycle
Enjoying a nice hot cup of chamomile tea before bed to encourage a restful sleep to recharge
For further information or if you think your hormones or digestive system could use some TLC, please don’t hesitate to contact the girls at Shift Natural Medicine.

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