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Want to know your body fat percentage, improve your training output, find out your biological age, and slow the ageing process? Our Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) is the gold standard in body composition testing, and is a simple, non-invasive test, administered by our trained health professionals. It is a snapshot into how your body is dealing with it’s current diet and lifestyle… it is very interesting!

The BIA test will provide you with a detailed two page print out, including;

  • Your current muscle and fat distribution, body percentages, and what ranges are healthy for your frame size
  • The quality of you muscle cells and well your muscles are functioning
  • Cellular fluid balance, the integrity of your cells and where you are storing fluid
  • Hydration level and how much water your body requires daily
  • Your biological age

Our BIA session includes discussion on how best to improve these health markers with dietary recommendation, professional supplmentation, exercise and lifestyle advice, to look, perform and feel better.