Stephanie Warburton

Kinesiologist, Life-Coach, Meditation Facilitator, Reiki Master, Physic Medium, Equine Acupuncturist and Communicator

Stephanie is a highly renowned and sought-after leading figure in the health and wellness industry and for personal and professional development, coming from a background in Kinesiology, Reiki Mastership, Self-Development and Mindset Coaching.

Stephanie is the current Mindset Performance Coach at St Kilda Football Club and also works with individual elite athletes within other sporting realms, to facilitate them in their pursuit for success.

​Her love and passion for horses sees Stephanie working alongside elite show-jumpers, dressage competitors and the eventing arena. Here she establishes connection problems with rider and horse, building a secure partnership on all levels moving forward.

​Outside of the sporting world, Stephanie has the pleasure of working with performers, musicians, corporate personnel and those focusing on any area of life, whether it be on a mental, physical, emotional or spiritual level, Stephanie holds a safe space for her clients to tap into their full potential.

Stephanie’s authentic ability to connect with all walks of life has become evident in her work with her expertise in high demand. Stephanie’s ability to capture the attention of those around her comes effortlessly through passion and professionalism.