Emma Lynas

Nutritionist + Reiki

BHSc Nutritional Medicine, Cert III & IV Fitness & Personal Training, Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

Hello, my name is Emma and I am a Nutritionist and Reiki practitioner who specialises in preconception, pregnancy and post natal nutrition. I am deeply passionate about helping mums and mums to be feel energised, well and empowered on their Motherhood journeys.

Completing my Cert III and IV in Personal Training in my late teens sparked an almost insatiable thirst for knowledge about how the human body works, how our diet influences our bodies and how we can use what we eat, as well as the way we move, to reach new heights of performance and wellness.

I worked as a personal trainer whilst completing the BHSc in Nutritional Medicine and burst straight out of Uni with an abundance of knowledge and passion to help people reach their greatest potential. I had a strong focus on working with Athletes and those wanting to lose weight and my holistic, practical approach to both saw me assist many people in reaching their goals.

After commencing my own journey to become a mother I was fascinated to learn about the importance and impact of what we eat and our state of mind on our unborn child and how all of this can greatly affect our recovery post birth. Once again I became a student hungry for more knowledge. After having a beautiful little girl and undergoing additional study I decided to return to practice to focus on Perinatal Nutrition. I now blend together the modern medical understanding of health and disease in pregnancy, along with traditional Eastern and Western approaches to assist my clients in becoming deeply nourished and strong in mind, body and spirit before embarking on their pregnancy journey. I then support them through each trimester, including what is undoubtedly the most tiring of them all – The Fourth Trimester (postnatal).

On a practical level I help educate my patients about the right diet for them, which supplements may be of value to them in each stage of their journey to being a mum (including IVF), how to gain or maintain physical fitness and strength, factors which may be resulting in subfertility, how to understand and follow their intuition and of course strategies to manage stress and anxiety.

I would love to take this leap with you – it is the most wonderful, tiring, rewarding, exhilarating leap you may ever take xx



Monday 4 – 8pm
Friday 4 – 8pm